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How We Enable You To Navigate Your DevSecOps Journey

Sirius360 – First-of-its-kind solution to enable the transformation of your team to navigate the DevSecOps journey by providing a starting point and aiding you in charting a way forward to meet the business goal of Better ROI, Scalability, and Reduced Time to Market.


Enable the right DevSecOps strategy for scalability and adaptability for the on-demand business requirements.

Return Of Investment (ROI)

Reduce development cost with faster cycle time leading to developing new features with fewer defects and reworks.

Time To Market

Enable to deliver faster without compromising on security and quality yet being flexible to adapt to changing market conditions.

Market Share

Innovation, better features and lower costs without compromising quality enables a customer to achieve increase in market share.

Challenges In The Market 

The core of DevSecOps is a collaboration between production, security, and operations teams to ensure infrastructure entity as a collective responsibility. Without DevSecOps, 50% of your business apps are vulnerable to security attacks. DevSecOps mitigate security risks throughout and after the development process. 

Reality – 78% of organizations that embark on the DevSecOps journey fail to get it right. There is considerable knowledge

Costs – Loss of productivity costs thousands of dollars

Security – 60% of organizations say technical challenges are the main hurdles to DevSecOps adoption.

Customers – 70% of organizations lack adequate working knowledge of DevSecOps practices.

Know your DevSecOps Maturity level as per Industry Standards

Defining DevSecOps maturity in terms of where your organization stands in your domain is crucial for successful implementation. Sirius360 helps your organization to complete DevSecOps analysis according to specific industry standards and best practices.

Devil Is In The Details

Sirius360 provides right information to right person hence Dashboards are designed in accordance of the Role needs. Sirius360 supports and provides information from the Top Organization level to Project Level and also provides capability to track the Assessment level.

Reports can be designed as per the need and can be focused till the last layer of Organization

Helps In Growth

Sirius360 provides Recommendation on current Maturity level of organization. Sirius360 supports organization to fill the gaps and achieving the desired Business Goals.

Standard Driven

Sirius360 provides Industry Standard Assessments to keep your organization driven by industry standards. Sirius360 keeps review and update questions and helps you to keep DevSecOps journey with Standards

DevSecOps Community

Sirius360 provides access to DevSecOps Questions community. Community is built by Industry Experts and their contributed questions and discussion. Upcoming DevSecOps Trend are published and discussed in the community.

It’s Bigger Than You Think And Goes Beyond…

Carve Your DevSecOps Journey As Per Organization Vision

With Sirius360, start your DevSecOps journey customized for your business goals and future needs. We include all the stakeholders in your organization to develop successful strategies for DevSecOps culture through knowledge sharing, collaboration, automation, and continuous monitoring.

Align To Business

Sirius360 helps your organization to achieve Organization Vision, by Creating DevSecOps Maturity Level Goal tightly aligned with Organization Vision.

Organization level DevSecOps goals can be created and directly linked with assessments so that true traceability can be created and help to trace Vision -> Goal -> Functional Area -> Questions -> Assessment

Evaluation For All Areas

Sirius360 helps to build a strong Question Bank which supports the question’s from different areas with multi-level area hierarchy.

We help you to design multiple assessments which supports to evaluate a specific project or standard DevSecOps type projects.

Flexibility To Assessment

Sirius360 helps to design questions and question’s category as per Organization needs. Assessments are designed as per Organization Vision and can be planned as per Project team’s bandwidth. Sirius360 provides complete freedom and flexible to design and plan the assessments

Tool Integrations

Sirius360 integrate with standard DevSecOps tools so that organization can only focus and plan on DevSecOps journey and archive Organization Mission.

Built For Every Persona

Personas describe theoretical people and define their concerns, and challenges faced by each of these specific roles along with what they care about and their anticipated solutions. We have classified these personas into 3 broad categories – Executives, Leaders and Engineers to enable us to deliver the right value proposition to the customers.

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